TruState helps organisations manage complex, heterogeneous systems by centralising their state. It eliminates technical barriers caused by differences in communication protocols and data representations used by each system.

The state can include the current system configuration, the values of monitored parameters, the list of active alarms or any other relevant data at a given time. Systems can either push their state changes to TruState or TruState can pull their state with the help of protocol-specific bridges.

TruState’s Dashboards help users concentrate on the task at hand by aggregating all relevant state parameters coming from different systems and making any changes immediately visible.

Thanks to TruState’s Global Audit Trail, users can investigate issues or anomalies by tracing the evolution of the system in time and easily identifying hard-to-find correlations across all systems.

TruState’s Snapshot feature allows users to effortlessly identify state differences by recording the state of all systems at the current time and comparing it with previous saved states.

TruState’s unified interface helps developers harmonise the state of systems and ensure consistency by simplifying access to the state of other systems.