Innovation, creativity and quality are part of our DNA. We regularly take on challenging projects and deliver dependable, cost-effective solutions.

Process Automation

We can help you reduce your workload and operational costs. Together with you, we analyse your current workflow, deconstruct your process map, expose improvement potential, discuss technical approaches and implement automation solutions.

Software Consultancy

We provide consultancy either as a stand-alone service or as the first stage of a development project. We can help you understand and gather your business requirements, review and validate existing solutions and optimise your software strategy.

Software Development

We can help you design, develop and maintain intuitive and highly functional applications. We draw on our experience and expertise to leverage state-of-the-art technologies, while guaranteeing a long life cycle.

Software Modernisation

We can plan and execute the migration of legacy systems and minimise the risks involved. When original source files or documentation are not available, we can reverse-engineer them and provide you with a migration path for your data that did not exist before.

Technical Consultancy

Our technical consultancy services are provided by engineering experts with hands-on experience who can aid you in choosing the right technology and implementing it correctly. Our expertise includes ground segment technologies, space communication protocols, software deployment solutions, etc.