CelesHub is an orchestration platform designed specifically for the ground segment of space missions. By coordinating data flows and automating processes, it helps spacecraft operators eliminate tedious manual tasks, reduce the complexity of their ground segment infrastructure and increase the value of their data.

CelesHub can break down data silos, replace ad-hoc data management tools, improve the efficiency and the scalability of the ground segment and create actionnable intelligence from the available data.

CelesHub deployment example

Deployment example

CelesHub formalises processes using dynamic flowcharts. CelesHub keeps track of all the instances of a process and provides users with an overview of their progress. Transitions between steps are driven by data and logged in a global audit trail.

At each step, CelesHub can execute user-defined scripts or send requests to other systems. It ensures that tasks are executed at the right time, in the right order. User-defined tasks can access various data sources, including TruArchive, and take advantage of a large library of data processing functions. Throughout their execution, tasks can store results or perform actions, e.g. send a notification, create a CelesLog event, trigger an alarm, change a state in TruState, etc.

CelesHub components

CelesHub is built on a modular microservice architecture suitable for deployments ranging from single servers to multi-network clustered environments. It supports both on-premise and cloud-based environments — and their combinations. When deployed on multiple networks, it helps prevent data leaks by managing data classification levels. Additionally, it can sign or encrypt transiting data, to ensure data integrity and confidentiality.

Our turn-key solutions based on CelesHub can streamline your operations and reduce your operational costs. We can help you formalise your workflows and automate them, while effectively and efficiently addressing all your requirements.

CelesHub approach